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mississauga street completely flooded after major rainfall

Floods are a common hazard in many parts of Canada, and Mississauga is no exception. While flooding has been a concern for some time, this threat has increased as regional rainfalls have continually increased. This has led to more flooding events, and more property that is damaged as the result of floods.

With the risks increasing, it is important for every homeowner to consider what they can do to protect their homes and families against flooding. In this post, we are going to cover some of the common flood risks that exist in the city, and we are going to provide some tips for protecting against the possibility of flooding.
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sump pump installed in a sump pit in the basement of an etobicoke home

Every home needs a waterproofing plan that protects their property from flooding and other types of water damage. These plans need to include multiple different elements, from waterproofed window casings to devices that help keep your home dry. Many Etobicoke homes require sump pumps as part of their waterproofing plan, but not all of them.  As experienced Etobicoke plumbers we’re offering three different reasons why your property may require a sump pump. Read more

contractor inspecting home for potential basement flooding hazards

When it comes to basement flooding, the causes can be many. As such, the ways in which we protect our homes from floods are varied, all working together to form a basement flooding protection plan. If you want to make sure that your home has an effective basement flooding strategy, it’s important to understand the different tactics used. Below are some of the most popular ways that you can protect your Toronto home from basement flooding. Read more

man in flooded basement

Everyday, there seems to be a new essential thing for your home, but many of them are purely aesthetic. There are newer technologies that can help keep your home safe and well-maintained, often for a relatively reasonable price. Read more

flood alarm installed in backwater valve

Backwater valve or sump pump? Many homeowners are unsure of what they should have for their properties. They know they need something to stop basement flooding and protect their homes, but often the advice they get can be conflicting or incorrect, on top of the fact they might not have either to begin with! Read more

mississauga heavy rainstorm

A working sump pump is a necessary part of any Mississauga home’s waterproofing strategy, but as our Mississauga plumbers have witnessed, many people ignore it when the signs are right in front of them. With spring floods and other water events becoming more frequent in the area, many people are looking to larger, more expensive measures to keeping their homes dry Read more

man in toronto that is fixing his bathroom sink

Most people think winter is the hardest season on our plumbing system, but the spring can actually be worse. Besides the fluctuating temperatures, frequently dipping below the freezing point, the spring thaw causes a lot of water to start flowing all over the place. The key to keeping your home dry and safe during the winter is doing some routine spring maintenance as springtime approaches. Read more

etobicoke homes flooding

Etobicoke is a unique place, as is the rest of the cities surrounding the great lakes. We have a combination of unpredictable weather and nearby bodies of water that can make drainage in homes a big problem. Many homeowners with basement flooding problems are at a loss as to why they keep having water show up, and it may be because of their home’s original design. Here’s why you may need to get a sump pump installed in your Etobicoke home. Read more

winter home in mississauga

We usually think of flooding as a spring problem, when the rains and melting snow drive up the water table. In the spring, we think that the water pushes high over what our homes can manage and then it floods. While this is a common way to think of flooding, like a river with too much water, flooding is actually a huge problem in the winter. We have noticed this is especially in case in Peel region, because of our unique and temperamental climate. Luckily, there are a number of plumbers Mississauga homeowners can depends on to handle these problems. Here are some factors to consider so that you don’t have any surprise flooding this winter. Read more

sump pit in the basement of a Toronto home

Sump pumps are surprisingly complex little devices that keep water away from our homes to protect against flooding and potential water damage, particularly in the basement flooding prone City of Toronto. They are constantly taking advantage of the latest technology, from battery backup power to some models that will text you when an error is detected. While this latter feature is pretty cool, it’s also fairly recent and most of our sump pumps won’t actually tell us when they’re needing a professional inspection. But they do “talk” to us in their own little ways. Here are some ways to tell if your sump pump needs maintenance. Read more