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man holding buckets to catch water that is overflowing from his clogged drain in the floor above, a phone is visible in the crook of his neck as he called a plumber to help

In many situations, issues with drains can wait a reasonable amount of time to be fixed. With some of the simpler problems, you might even be able to resolve the issue on your own. But what happens when a malfunctioning drain has the potential to damage the home or it is causing a significant disruption to your life?

When serious drainage issues occur, you need to call for emergency drain service right away. You need to be able to use things like your toilets and your showers, and you certainly cannot wait for a regular service call while a leaking or backed up drain floods your basement. Read more

Toilets are supposed to make bad smells, and their sources, go away. It’s one of the fundamental things about them. So when they don’t, not only is it an awful experience for your nose, it’s a frustrating experience in general. Read more

a leaky toilet in toronto home

Toilets are accountable for nearly 30 percent of the entire water usage in each and every home. However, if your toilet has a leak that number could skyrocket to 40% or even 50% depending on the severity of the leak. Every minute a leaky toilet is left to its own devices, perfectly good water is trickling away never to be seen again. Some plumbers in Toronto even suggest that 90% of leaky toilets are left for over 4 months before toilet leaks are detected. Read more

conserve water by fixing a leaking faucet

At the end of last week’s post, we talked briefly about water conservation, and some good habits that you can develop in your home to promote more efficient water usage. This week, we’d like to expound upon that, and cover the other two of the three basic rules of water conservation: reduce, repair, and retrofit. We covered “reduce” in our last post, so now we want to talk about the other two – repair and retrofit. Read more

Toronto toilet installation project

Good morning loyal readers, today I’d like to talk a bit about a staple job for any plumber: toilet installation. As with most potential plumbing problems, the majority of toilet problems have their roots in the actual installation process.  A properly hooked-up and maintained toilet should never leak or run. When I hear a client complain about their toilet leaking, I immediately ask them: did you hire a real plumber to put it in, or was it a do-it-yourself job? Read more

Toronto plumbing repairs

It’s pretty common that we have home owners contacting us to repair their plumbing, trust me; we repair a lot of plumbing in any given month. Our plumbing services in Toronto include quite a number of plumbing repairs, but there are a few common issues that people face we’d like to address and provide some further information on, some people aren’t always sure what aspects of their home plumbing system need the most care or when to call a plumber. Read more

When you’ve got a running toilet it makes itself known – you can easily identify this from the sound of the water running in the tank constantly. This is a significant problem as it is essentially wasting a lot of water, all pouring from the tank into the bowl. Read more