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a view of workers excavating with a 'do not' symbol in front, promoting use of trenchless drain repair services in toronto

Whether it is a home or a business, broken or failing underground pipes can be a real problem. When a property owner realizes that an underground sewer or water line needs to be replaced or repaired, it can cause a lot of stress. They think about how extensive the work is going to be, and they wonder about how much of the ground is going to need to be disturbed in the process.

As a property owner in Toronto, what you may not realize is that many underground pipe repairs can be done without having to dig up the pipe. With a plumber that specialises in trenchless drain repair, the work can be done with a limited impact on the ground around the area of the repair. In this post, we are going to look at two of the most popular methods for trenchless drain repair in Toronto.
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Business man and woman confused about Toronto's Backflow Prevention Program.

People tend to take the water supply for granted. You turn on a faucet, and clean, drinkable water comes out. You find no reason to be concerned. Of course, if the water made you sick or had a strange look, smell or taste, then you might want some answers.

The reason that we have this good supply of clean water is because the City of Toronto goes to great lengths to ensure that the water is clean and safe. In guaranteeing this supply of clean water, the city has to protect the water supply from contaminants. In its efforts to protect the water supply, the local government has to ensure that the water supply is protected from backflow.

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woman reading top toronto plumbing blog

We’ve been actively posting on our blog for a few years now, with such a variety of topics in plumbing to cover it’s no surprise that we’ve touched on most of the large issues while making an effort to raise awareness of smaller, lesser-known issues. Hyper-focusing our content on smaller-geographic regions in some case has been necessary to achieve these goals. But this post is a little different and the start of a short series – we’ll be taking a look back at some of our posts presenting plumbing and drain problems still affecting many people across the Greater Toronto, Etobicoke, and Mississauga regions.

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a translucent backwater valve sitting on a white space before being installed in home

Backwater valves prevent outbound water from re-entering a structure from which it was ejected, called “back-flowing.” They are a kind of backflow prevention device. This may be due to excess water outside, as caused by a flood, or a blockage of the pipes from the outside, potentially caused by sewage or dirt. It may also be caused when there is excess rainwater and falling precipitation, and the city’s sewer lines are unable to handle so much fluid. Back-flowing mostly occurs in basements, but it also may occur on the first floor if the house is situated in a low area. Read more

a view of the RC Harris Water Treatment plant located in eastern Toronto known as the Beaches area.

Water usage in Toronto can seem quite complicated. Oftentimes, people will open the water bill for their Toronto home and simply not understand how they’ve consumed so much water. In most cases, the amount of water is simply higher than you think, but that doesn’t mean there are easy ways to save water. Being plumbers in Toronto, we’re quite aware of this situation. Read more

Manhole Installation – Where, When, & Why

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completed commercial manhole in toronto

manhole being constructed below the ground levelWhen it comes to public utilities, we often don’t think about how they appear in our homes and buildings, about the journey electricity, water, and sewage all take to enter and leave our lives safely and effectively, and we certainly don’t consider how people ensure that these utilities stay operational. For all of that, there is a piece of simple technology that we all need. It’s called the manhole, and many buildings are in need of new or updated manholes or a completely new Toronto manhole installation. Read more

leuty lifegaurd station, just south of homes in the beaches that require backwater valves

The Beaches, or simply just The Beach to the singularly-inclined, is one of Toronto’s oldest and most well-recognized neighbourhoods. Nestled just to the east of downtown, it attracts thousands of visitors each year to its beautiful beaches on the shores of Lake Ontario. The neighbourhood itself is constantly changing, but there’s a cottage feel that many residents love. Unfortunately, the combination of older, heritage-status buildings and the neighbourhood’s uninhibited proximity to a Great Lake has created unique plumbing requirements and problems, including the absolute essential need for Beaches plumbers to install backwater valves and other products that protect against sudden influxes of water. Read more

woman frustrated with clogged sink drain

Clogged and blocked drains are a complete pain. They can bring your entire household to a grinding halt, which is why you need to be able to deal with the issue now and into the future. Here are the most common reasons you’ll be calling your local Toronto drain cleaning contractor to fix a blocked drain in your home. We’ll discuss how to deal with them, and how to stop them from causing blockages in the future. Read more

You have a blocked drain, now what should you do? There are few things in the world, or at least certainly in your home, quite as annoying as a blocked drain. It can bring everything to a halt, from making dinner to shaving to being able to properly clean up. Plugged drains are the absolute worst, but that doesn’t mean there are quite a few ways to get them flowing again. Here are just a few simple and easy solutions for blocked drains in your Toronto home.  Read more

contractor inspecting home for potential basement flooding hazards

When it comes to basement flooding, the causes can be many. As such, the ways in which we protect our homes from floods are varied, all working together to form a basement flooding protection plan. If you want to make sure that your home has an effective basement flooding strategy, it’s important to understand the different tactics used. Below are some of the most popular ways that you can protect your Toronto home from basement flooding. Read more