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When you need a licensed Thornhill plumber, you can depend on the experts from Absolute Draining & Plumbing.

We have a full staff of experienced plumbers who highly experience utilizing the latest technology to help you keep your home in great shape. Ready to tackle any emergency that may arise, you can depend on us. We are a local company and proud to be active in the community. Our estimates are done by the job, so you know up front how much the project is going to cost you. There won’t be any surprise charges or overages on your bill. If you get an estimate that is lower than ours we will beat it by 10%. Quality work at a fair price, that is our commitment to you.

We provide full residential and commercial plumber solutions in Thornhill, Ontario.

Thornhill Plumbing Repairs

When you need to have plumbing repairs called us right away. Getting minor plumbing problems fixed fast can prevent those small plumbing issues from becoming major repairs that will be time consuming and expensive to fix. Routine pluming repairs like clogged toilets, leaking pipes, or seeing water in the basement should be addressed immediately. Our experienced plumbers can fix your plumbing and take a look at the rest of your plumbing to make sure that a bigger problem isn’t lurking. If you’re seeing water under the kitchen sink it could be a simple leaking pipe or it could mean that there’s a bigger problem. All of our plumbers have cutting edge technology and tools to help them figure out what’s going on with your plumbing.

Thornhill plumber repairing sinkIf you’re noticing that your washing machine isn’t draining properly or that there are small puddles of water in the basement call us. We will inspect the plumbing and solve the problem. If our inspection shows that your pipes are wearing out or that there are clogs in your plumbing we can fix that too.

We know that drain & plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. So if you have a plumbing problem that needs repair in the middle of the night we will be there to fix it. Or if you wake up to a plumbing problem call us right away and our professional plumbers will be there to fix it no matter how early it is.

Thornhill Water Service Upgrade

If you’re getting ready to renovate your home it’s a good idea to set up an appointment to get your plumbing and water service needs assessed. Having your water service upgraded can solve potential low water pressure issues before they happen. When people start thinking about a kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation they don’t often think about the plumbing in the home. But if your house is an older home you should get a water service upgrade before you renovate. That way if you are adding a bathroom, updating your bathrooms with higher quality showers and tubs, or fixing up the plumbing in the basement for a better washing machine your home’s plumbing will be able to handle the increased demand.

Older homes weren’t built with having several bathrooms and a dedicated laundry room in mind. Older homes usually only had one bathroom that everyone shared. Adding more bathrooms or a laundry room or overhauling the existing bathroom means that your home will need a water service upgrade to be able to handle those renovations. Absolute Draining and Plumbing staff can look at your home’s plumbing and tell you what upgrades will be necessary to turn it into the home of your dreams.

Thornhill Drain Cleaning

Another part of routine home plumbing care that is important for homeowners is keeping their drains cleaned. Drain cleaning will get rid of any debris that is in your plumbing. It also gives professional plumbers a chance to look at and asses the plumbing in your home. They can spot any loose connections, leaks, or out pipes that might need replacing.

Over time all the soaps and chemicals that end up flowing through your pipes can damage your pipes and make them weak. Think about how many chemicals end up in your drains and plumbing every day. Household cleaners, bleach, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, and fabric softener are just a few of the things that are washing through pipes constantly. Over time all those chemicals can erode the pipes in your home making them more prone to leaks. They get weakened too and may end up bursting if they are not fixed. Regular drain cleaning will keep the pipes in your home clear and alert you to any potential problems that need to be addressed.

Call one of our friendly customer care team members today to schedule plumbing repairs, a water service upgrade or a drain cleaning today. Maintaining your home and preventing plumbing emergencies is as important to us as it Is to you.

Absolute Draining & Plumbing provides full Thornhill plumbing services for all residential & commercial properties.

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