When most people think of upgrading their drains and plumbing systems, they get visions of various machines digging up and destroying their beautiful gardens and lawns. These extensive (and expensive) ways of upgrading drainage systems, however, are actually not needed nearly as often as people think. Trenchless drain systems are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that homeowners are repairing old drainage systems. Trenchless systems offer the benefits of trenched drain methods without the costs of digging and replacing pipes, keeping your garden safe and your property dry.

But drains grow old, crack, or otherwise get damaged, so repairs may be in order. Here are some drain repair methods homeowners love because they save time and money.

1. Drain Cleaning

It’s true, your pipes and drains might just need a cleaning and not an entire overhaul. If that’s the case, a drain inspection from a plumbing professional can determine what needs done. If its just a drain cleaning, then the amount of money you saved is huge. But only a professional plumbing expert will be honest with you about what type of work you need done to keep your drain systems clean and working the best they can.

2. CIPP Drain Linings

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) drain linings are a marvel of technology. Essentially, a resin pipe is inserted into the damaged pipe, fixing damage and eliminating “dig and replace” methods. The whole process is actually quite amazing, using remote controlled devices to compensate for lateral connections, and incredibly effective, fixing the holes and structural problems in existing pipes rather than replacing them entirely.

The main benefits for homeowners when it comes to CIPP drain linings is the time saved, which translates to less labour hours and thus money. The CIPP process, especially when compared to the dig and replace methods, is much quicker and uses already existing pipelines, meaning your plumbing system won’t experience any severe changes in performance from the fix.

3. Drain Repair

If it isn’t the pipe itself, then you may need to repair your drains, a simple enough task for any professional. Different drains need different repair methods, but they all essentially turn out the same: your drains will work better than they have for years. With a drain inspection, a plumbing professional can also recommend replacing drains as necessary, which may not require digging up pipes at all. Especially if your home is a bit older, new drains can help your older plumbing and drainage systems with the better drainage technology available these days.

Fixing or replacing old drains is a quick and easy way for any professional to upgrade your systems. You’ll notice an immediate difference guaranteed.

Changing drains and pipes doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dig up precious gardens, sidewalks, or lawns. You may be able to completely change your drainage systems without a single shovel. Be sure to get a drain inspection soon to learn about these various trenchless drain repair options that can save you time and money.

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