Absolute Draining & Plumbing provides water damage restoration services to aid in solving problems created by flood water. Basement flooding is a problem we see often and fixing the problem that lead to the flood is only part of the task, we also help take care of the flood water and flood cleanup tasks.

After a flood, water restoration services will help to prevent further problems that will be caused by standing water or wet basement conditions. Water in basement causes mold so the first thing we must to is eliminate all water and moisture during flooded basement cleanup. Not only is a quick response to these problems is important, but solving them once and for all with basement waterproofing is the next logical step.

Wet basements lead to:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Mold accumulation
  • Damage to furniture & belongings

Taking care of this as soon as possible is critical to minimize total damages after a water flood.

water cleanup technician using a vacuum

Reduce The Cost Of Water Damage After A Flood

While the emotional toll can be at times unmeasurable, flood damage can also a massive financial burden. The longer you wait to deal with a wet or flooded basement the harder it is to deal with.

If you’re experiencing flood damage, you can trust the professionals at Absolute Draining & Plumbing to take care of your water damage restoration quickly and efficiently. We are amongst the leading water damage restoration companies in Toronto featuring 5-star service and affordable rates.

Water Mitigation Services

fans sit on the floor in a wet basement and aid in the evaporation of flood waterThe sooner you act after a flood the better you will be able to minimize water damage in your basement.

After a flooding event, our technicians will first step is to set up a special pump which removes any remaining water in the basement. Additionally, removing water by sopping it up with mops or rags is useful in some situations and a common first step that homeowners will do during flood restoration.

Once we have done our best to pump out all the flood water, the next step is to create an environment for the remaining water to evaporate.

This is accomplished by moving any furniture or belongings if required before carefully installing advanced drying equipment such as special fans and dehumidifiers. These pieces of equipment serve to further eliminate all remaining water within your basement, enabling us to effective dry your basement in a short amount of time.

During flood restoration service these steps may overlap somewhat as we work as efficiently as possible to solve the problem.

Mold Prevention

flood water got below this carpet which is being removed by water restoration workers to prevent moldIt’s important to dry the wet basement as much as possible, basement mold is a serious issue after a flood. Finding a solution for mold in basement after a flood is a huge ordeal.

Preventing the development of mold will eliminate the need for mold removal services down the road. Typically, this is partly accomplished by removing the lower sections of drywall which were soaked by the flood water.

Our water restoration professionals will carry out remediation services including steps such as removal of damp drywall sections to ensure there is no where for water to hide.

Water Damage Cleanup

flooded basement being cleaned by a vacuumFinally, we leave a clean basement by removing any garbage or damp/wet materials, and leave your space ready to be rebuilt. Our experienced team will handle your flood cleanup with a thorough basement cleaning to ensure your basement is not only dry but clean as well.

Flood damage restoration can take some time and planning, it’s critical to have a professional on your side with experience and knowledge. A clean basement will be all that’s left after water remediation service.

Absolute Draining & Plumbing is your Toronto plumber and water damage restoration company – your top choice for Toronto water restoration services. If you have water damage or are looking for wet basement services after a flood to help clean up the mess contact us at 416-252-5557 for a free consultation.

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