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Absolute Draining & Plumbing serves the entire Weston area, as well as the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. We seek to provide a high-quality service at a great price. As members of the Better Business Bureau, customer satisfaction and ethics are high on our list of priorities. We provide our services at fair prices, using only the best materials and tools.

Every plumber on our team is highly trained and licensed in the City of Toronto. Our plumbers provide a wide range of services ranging; toilet installation, faucet repairs, drain cleaning, and even rough-ins. We have made sure that they are up to whatever task they may be required to perform.

No-Dig Drain Repairs

One of our specialties is trench-less pipe repair and replacement. We can completely reline a shot out, broken down old drain line, or even replace the whole thing, all without having to dig it up. For drain relining, we use Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) liners. These allow us to rejuvenate a broken down drain line and make it work just like new again.

For replacements, we can use pipe bursting to lay a whole new line. We only need to dig a little hole on each side of the pipe that is to be replaced. Afterward, we use the existing line as a guide for our pipe bursting machine, which lays the new pipe and breaks up the old pipe.

Emergency Plumbing in Weston

Not every plumber will come out to fix your bust main water line in the middle of the night. We will. Our emergency service is available 24/7/365 to anyone who requires emergency plumbing work done. Don’t let a major problem turn into a total disaster. We will perform damage control on the problem and work to resolve it and reduce the financial impact of the problem.

Call us any time for repairs, installations, inspections, retrofits, or any other plumbing and draining related task you need help with. Our plumbers are all experts and are well acquainted with working in the Weston area. We are knowledgeable about all city water infrastructures in the area, including sewer hook-ups and main line hook-ups and how they all run together.

If you aren’t sure where to start, call us today for a CCTV camera inspection.