If you’ve spent any time at all watching TV or listening to the radio lately you’ve probably heard about how you can DIY fix your every household problem. Slogans, marketing, and advertising gimmicks aside, there are times that you absolutely have to call in a professional and when it comes to serious plumbing problems this is one of those times. When a plumbing problem arises, and it’s not dealt with quickly and effectively, it can very easily turn into an expensive nightmare. So let’s take a look at some plumbing problems that you’d be better off calling your plumbers to fix instead of trying to DIY.

Issues with your water heater

It’s certainly no mystery when your hot water heater dies; cold water coming from your sink’s hot tap, and cold showers. When you run into issues with your hot water heater it’s time for you to hang up the towel and call in your local plumbing contractor. Although it may look like a monstrosity, your hot water heater is a complicated (and potentially dangerous) piece of equipment you are always better off leaving a professional to deal with. If it turns out your hot water heater has died, you can trust a professional to properly install a new one for you.

Expensive water bills

Not used to seeing your bill come in at such a high cost? Perhaps you’ve been using more water lately, or perhaps you have a leak somewhere and you don’t even know about it. This is a good thing to pay attention to as it can indicate a serious leak. This is an ideal time to call in your local plumber to take a look into the matter and ultimately figure out where the problem lies.  Since most plumbing is hidden out of sight it may take some dedicated investigation to fully diagnose the issue.

Reduced and low water pressure

If you are unexpectedly experiencing low water pressure it may be a sign that your home has a problem with your main plumbing lines. You can check this out yourself by testing various plumbing fixtures throughout your home. If they all seem to be suffering from low water pressure you will want to call up a plumbing contractor to figure out exactly what the problem might be. Reduced water pressure may also be caused by a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

Burst pipes and other plumbing emergencies

This is a no-brainer; if you’ve just experienced a catastrophic plumbing incident such as a burst pipe or overflowing toilet that you cannot contain yourself you should call up a plumber ASAP. Most licensed plumbers provide full 24-hour emergency services and can tend to your needs very quickly.

These are just a small selection of things to keep an eye out for – remember not all tasks are DIY compatible and plumbing, being such an integral utility to your home, is one area you should not take a risk with.

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  • Michelle

    I really like the idea of checking your water bill to get an overall picture of the usage to see if there’s a leak.. it’s just so obvious but something that I never thought about – thanks for the tip!

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