A clogged drain is one of the most frustrating things we can have in our own Toronto homes. They slow everything down and make us worry about the inner workings of our homes. We can take drain cleaners to them, but that is sometimes a very unsatisfying temporary measure. For those extra stubborn blockages, you’ll need a drain snake. A drain snake fits down your pipe and loosens up any and all materials that could be blocking your drains, helping your water flow better and plumbing system run better. Here are three reasons to ditch the drain cleaner and call a local drain contractor to deal with your clogged drain.

Drain Snakes are Expensive

drain snake machine sitting on the sidewalk after being rented

Drain cleaning equipment can be rented, but consider whether or not you have the knowledge to get the job done.

Drain snakes are one of many items in a plumber’s toolbox that’s expensive and effective, something no homeowner or non-plumber should justify buying. You can think of hiring a plumber to clean out your drains as a rental, complete with the labour, to take care of your plumbing issues quickly and effectively. Sure, hiring a plumber can seem expensive, but they are well equipped and well trained to tackle all of your plumbing issues, from drain cleaning to renovating. The next time you need a pipe cleaned out properly, especially so it won’t cause problems right around the corner, get a drain snake and the plumber who comes with it to handle the problem efficiently and professionally.

Clogged Drains are Even More Expensive

If paying for a plumber to clean out your drains sounds expensive, consider the cost of doing nothing. Materials stuck in your pipe can corrode your pipes prematurely from the inside out, leading to water issues, pressure issues, and the inevitable cost of pipe replacement. Clogged pipes are also more likely to burst, which can lead to water damage on top of the cost to replace the burst pipes and connections. This is on top of the daily issue of slow drainage that will simply slow your day down, little by little, and cause you no end of tiny frustrations. A quick visit from a plumber with a drain snake can clean out your pipes in no time and, when it’s all finished, your pipes and entire plumbing system will last longer and work better.

Your Time is Precious

Here’s a fun fact: Plumbers are busiest on Mondays. It’s when partners call us to fix whatever their husbands tried to do over the weekend, only to make matters worse. When this happens, we always think about the ruined weekend, the frustration that comes with not finishing, and the wasted hours trying. If a plumber was called first, the job would be done quickly and everyone would have more time and be generally happier. If you take the cost of your own time, add having improper skills and tools, and consider the risk the job will be incomplete or incorrect, the money just doesn’t add up. Get a professional plumber, enjoy your free time, and get your drains cleaned properly.

A drain snake is a fast and effective way to clear out the most stubborn blockages in your plumbing system. Rather than rely on substandard and temporary fixes like drain cleaner, call a plumber and have the situation cleared out more permanently and quickly than you could imagine.

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