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It is the primary goal of Absolute Draining & Plumbing to provide affordable Crescent Town plumbing and drain services. We are a full-range service, licensed in the city of Toronto, and insured as well as bonded.

Plumbers in Crescent Town

We hold the belief that the first plumbing contractor you call should also be the last and, that’s why we provide a high-level of customer service as well as fast response times. We are not only fast and affordable, but we are also thorough. Our inspections are top-grade and there is not much that can slip by the trained eyes of our professionals. Call us to set up annual or semi-annual plumbing and drain inspections, and couple these with scheduled maintenance to keep your plumbing running all year long.

Crescent Town Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged or blocked drains can happen to just about anybody, no matter the drain or property. We frequently encounter drains that need to be completely cleaned in Crescent Town. Simply snaking out a drain clog does not ensure that your pipe is clear, and it’s likely that if this is all you do, the clog is going to return. That’s why we offer a hydro-jetting drain cleaning service.

Blasting out a pipe with a high-powered pressure washer is a sure-fire way to make sure that it is going to drain properly. If you have had a stubborn clog snaked out it, the best way to follow that up is with a hydro-jetting. This will blast out any leftover debris (a drain snaking will usually only punch a hole in the clog) or grease, whatever kind of build-up.

Our Emergency Plumbers Can Help Your Crescent Town Needs

We are the top choice for any plumbing emergency in the Crescent Town area. Give us a call day or night, weekday or weekend, for any plumbing emergency. Situations such as a burst pipe or flooded basement are very serious and must be dealt with quickly and properly. For these occasions, keep our emergency plumbing service handy for your convenience.

So, rain or shine, clogged drain or burst pipe, we are your Crescent Town plumbers. We have been operating in this area since 1998 and have built a very loyal base of customers. Give us a try today and you will find out why we are the last plumbing service that you will ever need.

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