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It’s our job to give you the best possible plumbing service. We have been all around the Leslieville area, serving the community’s residents and business owners.

Drain Snaking in Leslieville

Our drain snaking service is second to none. Our experts use only the finest tools, carrying both hand-cranked augurs, as well as the finest mechanical augurs to combat any drain clog wherever it may crop up. Call us if you have a plugged-up toilet, clogged sink, blocked main drain, or even a slow-draining shower or bathtub. Drain snaking is still the #1 way to unclog a drain.

We Do Hydro-Jetting

After snaking a drain, a follow-up drain cleaning using hydro-jetting is recommended. This is to make sure that all foreign objects and blockages are completely removed from the drain, and it is ready to function for years to come.

A hydro-jetting system is a specialized system for plumbers. It consists of a compressor and a snake-like hose with a special nozzle. The hose is inserted into a drain line and pressurized water from the compressor scrubs the drain clean. These are especially effective on kitchen sink drains, as they often contain food particles and grease build-up. After a hydro-jetting you will notice your drains are functioning a lot better.

Leslieville Foundation Repair

Just about the worst thing a property owner can be told is that their building has foundation damage. Such damage can render a property near worthless, and in extreme cases, the building may need to be torn down. Fortunately, not all foundation damage is fatal, and we can repair most of it.

Foundation damage often arises due to water intrusion. A poorly waterproofed building may allow water to seep into its foundation, rotting out wood and other materials used to support the building. This compromises the structural integrity of the building, and can even lead to collapse or city condemnation.

Contact us if you have foundation problems, and schedule an appointment to have your foundation looked at. If you are hearing a lot of creaking, and noticing bows in your walls or ceilings, it may be due to structural damage, and you should call us immediately. A building that has foundation damage is not safe to live in or do business from, and should be fixed ASAP.

We strive to be the top plumbing service in Leslieville, and if you work with us you will see that we are well on our way to attaining that goal.